• Sulfur
CAS No.:7704-34-9
EINECS No.:231-722-6
Appearance:Yellow powder
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

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Product Description

Sulfur CAS NO.:7704-34-9

Chemical Properties yellow powder

Application Elemental sulfur is used for vulcanizing rubber; making black gunpowder; as a soil conditioner; as a fungicide; preparing a number of metal sulfides; and producing carbon disulfide. It also is used in matches; bleaching wood pulp, straw, silk, and wool; and in synthesis of many dyes. Pharmaceutical grade precipitated and sublimed sulfurs are used as scabicides and as antiseptics in lotions and ointments.
Important sulfur compounds include sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen 890 SULFUR sulfide, sulfur trioxide, and a number of metal sulfides and metal oxo- salts such as sulfates, bisulfates, and sulfites. Numerous organic compounds contain sulfur, such as mercaptans, thiophenes, thiophenols, sulfate esters, sulfones, and carbon disulfide.
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