Benefits of BHB

Benefits of BHB

Increases blood, muscle and brain ketone levels

Normalizes blood glucose

Increases muscle protein synthesis

Decreases fatty acids in blood

Reduces physical and hormonal effects on low blood sugar

Decreased respiratory exchange ratio -VO2 Max


It's a Super fuel of your body. Provides instant alertness and energy to the brain.

Enhances athletic performance and endurance.

Decreases food cravings/increases satiety.

Improves insulin sensitivity and normalize blood sugar levels.

It is a powerful antioxidant and has a potent muscle-sparing effect.

Source of necessary minerals/electrolytes along with the ketones.



When eating a low carbohydrate diet, the liver converts fats to ketones, which serve as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart and muscle. Ketone Salts are a ready-to use ketone body, giving athletes and busy professionals more energy, performance, and focus. This allows one to be on a low/no carb diet and to supply the body with ketones for energy.  The science behind them is tremendous. The results that we are seeing are truly remarkable.


BHB is Powerful Brain Fuel

BHB easily crosses the blood-brain barrier (crossing from the peripheral circulation to the central nervous system).

While BHB can provide energy for the body, it's particularly well-suited to provide energy for the brain.

BHB isn't just an energy source for the brainit has other effects which promote brain health. BHB can trigger the release of chemicals called neurotrophins, which support neuron function and synapse formation. One of these neurotrophins is called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which is a protein in the brain associated with cognitive enhancement, alleviation of depression and reduction of anxiety.

A 2017 study that injected rats with intravenous ketones, then subjected them to stressful situations, found that BHB reduced stress-induced neuroinflammation.


This combination of energy provision, neurotrophins and anti-inflammatory benefits illustrate that BHB has broad-spectrum effects that might improve the pathology of various neurological conditions.

Increased levels of BHB in the body were found to be associated with greater cognitive performance through better performance in memory recall tests on a study of 20 subjects with Alzheimer's disease or demonstration of a mild cognitive deficit. Similarly, BHB ketone esters helped to reverse symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in one clinical case study. More research in humans is needed, but the various hypotheses are backed up by strong animal data.

BHB is the Easiest Ketone to Measure Accurately in the Blood

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