• Boron
Synonyms:Boron powder
CAS Registry Number:7440-42-8
Appearance:Pale brown or brown-black powder
Application:catalyst of some organic chemical reactions
Boiling point:3650 ºC
Melting point:2180 ºC
Solubility:H2O: soluble
Package:Aluminum foil bag with plastic bag
Packing size:1kg/bag

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Product Description

Application of monomer boron

1. Amorphous strip.
2. Solar electronic paste.
3. Neutron absorbers of nuclear reactors and neutron counter.
4. Pharmaceutical, ceramic industry and organic synthesis catalyst.
5. The ignitor of the igniter tube in the electronic industry.
6. High energy fuel for solid rocket propulsion.
7. Monomer boron should be used in the synthesis of various high-purity boron compounds.
8. Monomer boron is used for automobile airbag initiator.
9. Monomer boron is applied to the smelting of special alloy steel.
10. Monomer boron is the raw material for producing boron fiber.
11. Monomer boron is a gas scavenger in molten copper.
12. Monomer boron can be used in the fireworks industry.
13. Monomer boron is an important raw material for the manufacture of high-purity boron halides.
14. In semiconductor and electric power: after treating the monomer boron by about 2300 DEG Ccarbonization, It is used as the cathode material for the ignition core in the ignition tube. It can     also be used as raw material for       preparing high quality cathode material lanthanum boride.
15. In the atomic energy industry, monomer boron as a protective material, it can be made into boron steel for nuclear reactor.

16. Boron is a raw material for making borane and boride. Borane can be used as a high-energy fuel for rockets and missiles.

Specifications of monomer boron 7440-42-8

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